Fennec Fox Press House Printing, Typography, and Style Guide
(will be released once Fennec Fox Press is prepared to accept submissions)

While this was mostly started to keep track of things in my own mind, it occurs to me that it would be a useful thing for other writers to have on hand when I get around to inviting submissions for the multi-author anthologies listed, below.    Which means I probably should finish it, first, and remove all those pop culture references.

Upcoming Titles

Past experience has shown that I am unable to predict when I'll be able to get my books out, but that doesn't stop me from thinking they'll be out soon (for relative values of "soon"; it could be a few years for a couple of these)Here's a run-down of the books I have planned for release... some of which may be "soon," others of which still take a while.

Nine Tales of the Kitsune (on hold)

A multi-author, shared world anthology set in the Inari's Children universe.  History of the Kitsune and the fall of magic.

Fennec Fox Press

By Claw and Arrow (on hold)
The second book of the Inari's Children series.  A Kitsune elder appears before Mathis and Kieras with a proposal that might bring about the return of magic to the world.

Shieldclads, Book 2:  The Farragut Affair

Coming 2021... hopefully.

The Rink of War (on hold)

A slight re-edit of the original "To the Rink of War" short story, with additions that should expand it into a full-length novel.  Expect more focus on the Emperor Norton II -- is he just crazy, or is he crazy like a fox?