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A Tiny Little Self-Publishing Venture With the Cunning of a Fox

Social Media

Here is a link to my Facebook account.

And here is my new, up-and-coming Blog.


We have a Mailing List -- either sign up with the form on this page, or try this link to sign up directly from the TinyLetter website.  Mailing lists are vital to a self-published author's success, so we would really appreciate if you sign up -- we won't send you e-mails often, and when we do they'll actually give you real news:  New releases, and may include such things as coupons, cover reveals, free stories, sales, signing event announcements, and more..  And no, of course Fennec Fox Press won't sell or otherwise distribute your details to anyone.  We don't want to betray our customers.

Twitter isn't really my thing, but I recently obtained an account.  I may post there occasionally, so it might be worth a follow.

Don't expect me to do much interacting, here, but I do have a Goodreads Account.

I even have an Ello account.  Though, at the current time, I don't really view Ello as a viable social media account.