Inari's Children

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This Book Cannot Make Any Money
To the Rink of War (short)
Worlds Enough:  Fantastic Defenders (published by Tannhauser Press)

Book I: In Treachery Forged

Following the rebellion of the Borden Isles, the Kingdom of Svieda was forced to make a pact with the Sho’Curlas Alliance in order to maintain the world’s balance of power.

Many years later, that pact was betrayed, suddenly and irrevocably, when the Sword King of Svieda was brutally assassinated by the Sho’Curlas Ambassador in the opening act of an invasion.

To help save his country in the ensuing war, Sword Prince Maelgyn must travel to the Province of Sopan, take command of his armies, and join his cousins in battle. Along the way he rescues a Dwarven caravan, forges a badly needed alliance, and accidentally gets married.

And then he learns about the dragons….

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Book I:  The Merrimack Event

Once Every four years, the Earth Alliance Naval Academy is included in a war game... or rather the Wargame:  On a distant frontier colony, cadets must repair, recommission, and crew a fleet of old, mothballed warships for a simulated fleet action against a group of seasoned veterans using top-of-the-line warships.

After some meddling on the part of the Admiralty, many of the Academy's best are assigned to the oldes, smallest hulk in the Wargame, the unfortunately named corvette Chihuahua.  Thanks to a genius engineer, an Army veteran on loan to the Navy, and an unconventional captain, they make a new discovery which turns her into the most valuable warship in the fleet:  The first ever Shieldclad.

The crew abruptly finds itself center stage in a real combat action, however, when Earth is attacked by an unknown foe, and a lone squadron of these once-mothballed ships is the Alliance's only hope to respond.

Ebook:  $5.99

Audio (Published by Tantor Media):  $17.95

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Fennec Fox Press

Upcoming Titles in this Series:

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Book IV:  In Peril Revealed

Side Story:  Title TBA

Book V:  In Revelation Betrayed

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Once magic was plentiful and the world was dominated by a singular empire whose name has long been lost to history. In its time, the great wizard Inari developed his greatest creation: The kitsune. His enemies were quick to copy him, and soon the world was populated with many different types of this remarkable creature. Two thousand years later and these different breeds of kitsune are fighting amongst themselves, and the rest of the human world joins them.

Genre:  Epic Fantasy, East-Meets-West Fantasy


Book II: In Forgery Divided

With the defeat of Paljor, Maelgyn proved himself the strongest Mage in the Human world, but there are more powerful things than Mages he has to worry about.

He returns home to find that his old enemies can still hurt him while new enemies threaten to tear his kingdom apart from the inside. The Law of Swords is supposed to protect them from this sort of thing, but it is actually helping his enemies. And then there are the Elves to deal with...

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The Earth Alliance has developed a new class of warship:  The Shieldclad.  And just in time -- a war with a new, technologically advanced enemy has just begun... but are they really an 'old' enemy?

Genre:  Science Fiction, Space Opera, Military Fiction (Fleet)

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Book I:  The Kitsune Stratagem

To avoid being used as a political pawn against her father, a young kitsune vixen named Kieras must leave her homeland. She soon gets caught up in the fortunes of Mathis, a vagabond hunter from Ekholm, a once sleepy little town on the verge of becoming a small city. To find a way to return home, Kieras must first help Mathis save Ekholm from threats both inside and out.

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THE LAW OF SWORDS: A set of laws written to prevent infighting among Svieda’s Royal Heirs in the event the King dies unexpectedly. One of these laws has never been needed… until now.

Genre:  Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Elves and Dwarves and Dragons

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Book II:  The Farragut Affair

Book III:  The Casemate Incident

Book IV:  The Lissa Experience

Law of Swords

Book III: In Division Imperiled

Divided by a war on two fronts, Svieda hopes to benefit from an expected reduction in hostilities that the upcoming winter snows will bring. With armies of hostile Porosian Elves in training, however, it cannot afford to pause its own operations, whatever the weather.

Euleilla soon finds herself defending the new military capital of Rocky Run from Poros' Human armies while the bulk of her own forces are at large, scrambling for any advantage they can find against both of their enemies.

Meanwhile, Maelgyn has been called away on a secret mission by Wangdu and Phalra: Finding their uncle, who happens to have been one of Lord Ajiro's greatest allies in the Ancient era. Is he going to be able and willing to help? And just where are all the Elves in this Elven sanctuary, after all?

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