Fennec Fox Press

Do you sell your own books?

I wish I could, but at the moment I am unable to sell books directly from my website.  I try to give my readers as many options as possible for purchase (as you can see on the "my books" page), but I don't have my own store set up.  There are several reasons for that, including but not limited to:

  • I haven't found a good method for accepting payments, yet.  Or, well, I have, but I need to add a few bits of technology before I can (for example) accept credit cards.
  • I haven't filed with the local government to allow me to deal with sales tax.  I'm not going to be selling any books over the website or anywhere else until I file that form.  Update (2/27/2021):  I can now handle sales tax!  But only for local sales.  I can hand-sell my books at local events... if there are any more local events in the future.
  • I haven't really had the time to deal with that aspect of the job at all.

That said, I do hope to set things up, in the future, to allow me to sell signed, printed books from this page in the future, and to offer direct, wholesale\discount purchases for bookstores and libraries.  That's still a ways off, but it's in the plans.  In the meantime, my books are still available from Amazon.com and many other websites around the world.