Fennec Fox Press

Do you accept submissions?

Well, what kind of a silly question is that?  I'm a self-publisher, not a traditional publisher.  By definition, I don't accept submissions.

Well, not yet, at least.  But there may be a day when I'll want to publish an anthology, and when I do I hope to open it up to other authors.  Then, yes, I will take submissions.

It won't be for a while.  Fennec Fox Press currently operates as a sole proprietorship.  It simplifies a lot of things for me, and I can operate a lot more informally than I would have to with just about any other business structure.  If I were ever responsible for paying other authors, however, I would want the legal protection that comes with incorporation (likely as a limited liability company; my local county-run small business administration recommends it over any other form of corporation for my situation).

I also intend to put together a House Style Guide (I have one, actually, but it's currently in what software parlance would call an "alpha" version; in other words, it's incomplete and will need editing once its done.  It also has a variety of pop culture references that probably should be edited out before I "publish" it).  If people know what style their submissions are being edited to, that'll make things easier on the editors.

While I'm not yet taking submissions, however, I do have some planned shared-world anthologies I may open up to authors in the future.  If you want to familiarize yourself with the worlds these anthologies will be in, however, these are what I have in development:

I.  Nine Tales of the Kitsune.
  Set in the Inari's Children universe, this will be an anthology of nine stories from the history of that world, all dealing with Kitsune and the fall of magic in the world.  The second book in the series, By Claw and Arrow, will need to be completed before I can begin the anthology.  I have two or three stories of my own planned for this anthology, two of which are partially completed, but I don't have enough to fill it out.  With this in mind, I'll be opening it up for six or seven slots once By Claw and Arrow is released.

II.  Untitled Sci Fi Anthology, Rink of War universe.
  Set following the events of the Rink of War, the novel-length extension of the short story (really a novelette, but people don't seem to know what that is) that is currently available.  This anthology is intended to focus on the lives and times of residents of the Main Belt Asteroids.