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Convention Calendar

 Note:  Originally, this page was my attempt to make as complete a chronological listing as possible of writer-friendly science fiction conventions across the United States and Canada.  Unfortunately, as it grew to a certain size, it became nearly impossible to properly update -- I couldn't change URLs, some of the cells into which I was typing the convention details could not be accessed, and more.  I talked with by website builder's technical support and they couldn't replicate the problem, which leads me to believe it was a bandwidth issue (I'm accessing the builder from halfway across the country; the tech support guy was in the same building as the server; it's an irregular issue that didn't happen until the listing grew to a certain size, etc.).

That version of the convention calender was moved to a different location and re-tooled.  You'll find it here, though I will note I'm considering that as an "Alpha" version since not all of the features have been included and the cosmetics haven't been fixed up, yet.  I am also taking steps to ensure that other parts of this website do not fall victim to the same issue.

From now on this page will focus mainly on conventions I am attending.  I will note when I am merely attending a convention, or if I am a panelist, or a guest, or "the holy grail" position of Guest of Honor.

CapitalCon DC

June 19-21

Washington DC


Unfortunately, this event has been CANCELLED.