So why did you name it "Fennec Fox Press," anyway?

Well, it wasn't my first choice, but I think it's a fine name. I wanted something related to one of my book series, and everything I came up with related to my debut Law of Swords series was taken. So, I went with one of my other series, the Vixen Chronicles. Some variety of fox just seems natural, and Fennec Fox Press was available.

So, what is a fennec fox?  Well, I was introduced to them by this video, but if you're interested in more information I suggest starting here.

Pricing Policy

Fennec Fox Press is NOT a discount publisher.  Many self-publishers pursue a discount e-publisher model, underpricing their work in order to increase sales but with lower profits -- a model which works best with fast-produced, typically shorter fiction.  Some trade publishers have opted to overcharge for e-books, depressing thier e-book sales in order to push paper sales instead -- a model which only works if you can produce vast numbers of paperback books cheaply, and can market those books to a large, pre-existing audience.

Fennec Fox Press opts for the third way -- the one suggested by this (non-scientific) survey of self-published authors, and in the writings of KristineKathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith.  Namely, a price higher than the discount model, and less than the overpriced "depress the market" model.  Based on word count, we charge the following for e-books:

Under 10k: $0.99

10k-40k: $2.99

40k-100k: $4.99

100K+: $5.99

Now, print publishing is another matter.  Because of production costs, there isn't much choice -- earn just pennies a sale (which doesn't make print financially viable) or charge the high end of what trade publishers price for compareable manuscripts; regardless, there needs to be some profit built in for the bookshops and distributors.  For print to make any sense at all, we need a minimum of $2-3 net return per sale; according to one of the above links, booksellers will not buy books for less.  With this formula, at current costs, a 350 page 6"x9" trade paperback (industry standard size) will cost $18.99 retail (discounts generally come from the bookseller's share).

Of course, if you join our mailing list, there may be the occasional sale or discount available whether you're looking for print or e-book.

Fennec Fox Press is the self-publishing imprint of author David A. Tatum (That's me -- hi!).  The decision to forego a trade publisher and self-publish was a difficult one for him. The full reason for this choice would turn into something of a manifesto, but the short answer includes stories (like this one) from veteran authors he's met and talked with, a multi-year wait in a slush pile with no guarantee of acceptance, and proof positive that even if I submitted to some of my favored publishers they wouldn't be interested (Editor at a con:  "If I see one more elf in a story, I'll throw the manuscript across the room!"). Let's just say that it made a lot more sense to just go ahead and self-publish, the potential for "validation" by acceptance by a trade publisher be damned.


The Life Story of Fennec Fox Press (and a quasi-FAQ, as well)

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