A Tiny Self-Publishing Venture With the Cunning of a Fox!

About Us

Fennec Fox Press is the self-publishing imprint of author David A. Tatum (That's me -- hi!). 

The decision to forego a trade publisher and self-publish was a difficult one. The full reason for this choice would turn into something of a manifesto, but the short answer includes stories (like this one) from veteran authors I've met and talked with, a multi-year wait in a slush pile with no guarantee of acceptance, and proof positive that even if I submitted to some of my favored publishers they wouldn't be interested (Editor at a convention:  "If I see one more elf in a manuscript, I'll throw it across the room!").

Let's just say that it made a lot more sense to just go ahead and self-publish, the potential for "validation" from my acceptance by a trade publisher be damned.  It seems to have been a good call, so far.

Fennec Fox Press