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Fennec Fox Press

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In Forgery Divided, the long-awaited sequel to In Treachery Forged, has been released as an eBook!  Links to the various stores you can buy them from, as they go live, will be updated on the "My Books" page.


The Convention Calender is being updated quarterly, and our Blog is being regularly updated every Sunday.

Also, we've found we're actually REALLY bad at setting release dates, as we're months overdue for both the Merrimack Event and In Forgery Divided.  However, "In Forgery Divided" is on the verge of release, and should be out within a month or less (as of today, March 20, 2016).  The Merrimack Event is still postponed until we find a new editor for it.

What You'll Find Here:

Fennec Fox Press publishes the writing of David A. Tatum (that's me!).  That includes works in various genre including Fantasy, Science Fiction, Non-fiction, perhaps a YA Spy Thriller somewhere down the line, and whatever else strikes his fancy.

On the "About" page, you'll find the complete story of Fennec Fox Press, as well as our pricing policy, and maybe a few other bits of trivia about us.

On the "My Books" page, you will find (surprise surprise) books!  Specifically, links to all of Fennec Fox Press' publications and a tentative schedule of our future works.

The "Calender" page is there for lovers of literary science fiction and fantasy conventions.  It is a calender listing of science fiction and fantasy conventions all across the United States and Canada.  Check it out -- there's a good chance you'll find one close to you, possibly that you never knew about.  Edit:  This page has had technical difficulties, and is now seperated across different webpages.  Find the information there.

And let's not forget the "Social" page.  That's where our mailing list is, which may offer discounts, freebies, and special offers you won't find anywhere else.  No spam -- promise!  You'll also find links to our forums, David's Facebook and Twitter accounts, and maybe a few other odds and ends.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the "Contact Us" page to get in touch.  And, most of all, have fun!